Monster Man review

Duel without fuel, Jeepers Creepers without peepers, a Dead End without an end: there's no disguising the questionable pedigree of Monster Man. A lame comedy-horror about two teens (Eric Jungmann and Justin Urich - - a chubby Jack Black wannabe) being chased down Route 666 by a monster man in a monster truck, it deserves to be soaked in petrol and flung into the flames of cinema hell.

Terminally unfunny gags involving septic tanks, human chilli and a poor sod who mistakenly performs oral sex on a mangy piece of road kill set the tone - - think Dude Where's My Car? with a full-frontal lobotomy - - until the arrival of a midriff flashing über-babe hitchhiker (Aimee Brooks) unleashes more drool than a pack of Pavlov's dogs. The stumbling villain looks like Mick Jagger after one bottle of vodka too many. Frankly, he's not the only one in need of a stiff drink.

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