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  • Wii | Submitted by asilvakakashi1

    Glitch at Volcano online


    You practically do the same thing as the D. Island glitch. so your partner goes to area 5 and you go to the cliff area and he shoots you with pellets and wala your in the map this glitch i found on youtube.

  • Wii | Submitted by asilvakakashi1

    Glitch at D. island Online

    D. Island

    You need at least one partner with a gun that uses pellets then your partner goes to area 5 and you go to area 8 and signal your friend that you're ready to jump off the cliff and when you jump off your partner has to shoot you with pellets and when your on the platform on top of the Grt Jaggis little cave get close to the edge and run back up and you'll jump through the floor and when you do that fall when your hanging and you'll be in the map but be careful there's and never ending fall if your not careful. p.s I've known this glitch for about a year so sorry for the feed.

Monster Hunter Tri Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Monster Hunter Tri Unlockables


    Alatreon's Ring: Slay Alatreon

    Arena Trophy: Complete a City Tournament with at least A ranking

    Argosy License: Trade in 7 Rare Commodites to the Argosy Captain

    Artisan's Hammer: Create many weapons and armors of Rarity 6 or 7

    Bionomical Report: Capture all boss monsters (Except Elder Dragons)

    Champion's Badge: Complete all coliseum challenges

    Chief's Garb: Complete Village 1-3* quests

    Chief's Pipe: Complete all Village quests

    Copper Medal: Clear all 1-3* city quests

    Decorative Plaque: Develop at least 18 types of interior decorations

    Farm Certificate: Upgrade farm to max level

    Gem of the Depths: Slay a Ceadeus

    Giant Crown: Silver Crown on all Village Monsters except Ceadeus

    Gold Medal: Clear all city quests

    Jhen Crystal: Slay the Jhen Mohran

    King's Crown: Hunt all large sized (gold) monsters

    Lackey Testimonial: Raise Cha-Cha to Lv30

    Miniature Crown: Hunt all small sized (gold) monsters

    Old Childhood Mask: Collect all Cha-Cha masks and learn all dances

    Scroll of the Sage: Complete at least 10 pages of the Combination List

    Silver Medal: Clear all 4-6* city quests

    Tidal Necklace Hunt a Lagiacrus

    Tome of Legend: Record notes on all monsters and complete at least 13 pages of the Combination List

    Vow of Brotherhood: Upgrade all ships to level 3