Monday Link-A-Mania

Three-Hour Battlestar Finale
The Battlestar Galactica finale will be three hours long, according to The Chicago Tribune , although, curiously, the paper also adds the whole lot may not be screened all on the same night (so it may be a three-part story shown on different nights, then? Blimey, US TV is an odd beast). However, this does mean that the second half of season four has now been extended from 10 to 11 hours long in total. The Tribiune also reports that the finale may not air until 2009, and that another Battlestar TV movie is in the pipeline.

Hulk Smashes Box Office
Despite predictions of box office doom, The Incredible Hulk has had an impressive opening weekend at the US box office, nabbing the number one spot with takings of $54.5 million, reports Yahoo Box Office . Though this is considerably less than Iron Man’s $98.6 million kick off – and doesn’t even quite match the $62 million opening for Ang Lee’s Hulk – it's a much better figure than experts were expecting. M Night Shyamalan’s latest exercise in producing a sow’s ear out of a silk purse, The Happening, opened in third place with takings of $30.5. Worldwide, positions were reversed with the jolly green giant pulling in a further $31 million, but losing out to The Happening’s $32.1 million haul, according to Box Office Guru . However, The Happening opened in more countries. And it’s rubbish. So expect Incredible Hulk to pound it into the ground by the end of the fight.

Downey – on a Steel Horse he Rides (possibly)
Robert Downey Jnr has signed up for Cowboys & Aliens, a genre-crossing (no prizes for guessing which genres) pulp action flick from Dreamworks, says The Hollywood Reporter . The article says, “The story draws a parallel between the American imperialist drive to conquer the 'savage' Indians with its advanced technology and the aliens' assault on Earthlings, who must join together to survive the invaders' attack.”