Mods are "no different than cheating", according to Capcom

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Mods and cheating are one and the same according to Capcom.

For years now, fans have been using mods to alter games in weird and wonderful ways. Some developers are happy to let fans play around with their creations, while others aren't so keen on the idea. Capcom, the company behind many iconic game series, including Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and Devil May Cry, is seemingly in the latter camp.

This was evidenced in a presentation shared on the Capcom R&D YouTube channel. In the video, the company talks about cheating and piracy in PC games and the impact they can have. As Capcom sees it, mods are part of this problem.

During the presentation (around the 14-minute mark), Capcom suggests that mods are "no different" than cheats. "All mods are defined as cheats, except when they are officially supported," it says. "What they are doing internally is no different than cheating."

It's not that the company is staunchly against players using mods to enhance or switch up the experience; it does acknowledge that "the majority of mods can have a positive impact on the game." Still, from a business perspective, it warns that they "can be detrimental", both in terms of the reputational damage that offensive mods can cause and the extra workload players who've installed buggy mods can generate for a support team. This, the company argues, can ultimately lead to delays in a game's production and higher development costs.

Capcom's concerns regarding the issue are reasonable, but its view that all mods are no different from cheating is less so. What exactly all of this means for mods in its games remains to be seen.

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