Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package now gouging PS3 and PC owners too

We weren't very kindto Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Package (three new maps, two recycled CoD 4 maps) when it was released on the 360. The $14.99 map pack is a perfectly adequate DLC addition, but the same expense could easilyscore you abigger, better, and less rip-off-ey hunk of entertainment.

But if MW2 is still your multiplayer obsession, who are we to say that you shouldn't expand that experience? For those who haven't picked up another game in months, the pricey expansion is a valid use of money. If that's the case,check out ourquick-and-dirty Stimulus Package strategy guideso you canmarch into the new maps with the tactical advantage.

If you're as cooled-off on MW2 as we are, look toward the future. Treyarch's new CoD entrylooks surprising, and whileInfinity Ward falls apart, its founders arestarting from scratch with Respawn Entertainment. Oh, and EALA/DICE'sMedal of Honor reboothas promise, too, especiallygiven DICE's success with Bad Company 2.The war game war is heating up.

May 4, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer