Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps guide

Infinity Ward’s sequel to one of the most intensely played multiplayer games in videogame history has upped the ante on many, many levels. With loads of new – upgradable – Perks, a whole array of new weapons, new game modes, emblems, titles and a massive class of experienced CoD4 pupils waiting in the wings ready to plant a bullet between your eyes, it’s a whopper of an online military shooter.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the Call of Duty series or a seasoned Vet, our massive map blowout covering Tactical Insertion placement, sneaky sniping spots and more can help you refine your game and plan your attack. So pick up that gun and strap on those stun grenades.

We’ve concentrated on four of the most popular maps with top tips for each game mode. Then there are the other 12 maps with general advice for how to play ’em.


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Afghan’s a large open area map that retains a lot of the action in the middle with the cave and the broken plane taking centre stage. Keep your eyes peeled for enemies looking to flank you from the cover of the poppy field.

Even though Afghan is quite a large map, if you’re a skilled ninja, you can clean up really well usinga ‘Jack the Ripper’ (knifing) class. The abundance of campers here makes stabbing them even easier!

Team Deathmatch
Try and stick to a group of around 2 or 3 other players where possible, as going lone wolf will usually result in you taking a beating. The extra firepower and perksof your buddies on this map will come in really handy.

The cave and the broken plane area are real hot spots on these game modes, so if you want to stand a chance of winning, think about two of you trying to out-flank the enemy at either side.


As always in HQ, the key to winning is in the scoring and not the killing, so be the first to help get your team scoring and you’ll get an extra 250 EXP for every base you help capture!

Points A and C are reasonably close together so there’s a lot of firefights around this back area. If you want a quieter time, hide in the poppies and defend point B for your team.


If you and a few of your colleagues have Riot Shields, then you may want to run the gauntlet through the cave straight to the flag, with a few comrades as extra firepower from the rear.