MLB 13: The Show road to the show guide


As an everyday fielder, there are a few universal tips that can help you get off to a rocking start in AA. You only have to play the field when a ball is hit to your player. As such, most of your time playing will be spent watching the simulation screen as the game progresses. When you do take the field, remember the button placement reverses from the traditional gameplay controls. Throwing to homeplate is now done with the triangle button instead of X, and first (circle) and third (square) are swapped as well.

At the plate, you’ll always want to guess the opposing pitcher’s primary pitch (denoted by the X-button icon). It’s usually a fastball, and this will help tip you off as to whether it’s going to be a fast pitch or a breaking ball. This isn’t true in every case, but it is in the vast majority of your playtime in the Minors. It should also be noted that before every game, you’ll have the opportunity to take batting practice. This does nothing for your stats in a particular game, unlike warm-up pitches for pitchers.

As a pitcher, doing your pre-game warm-up pitches is incredibly useful. By just throwing strikes with any of your available pitches, you’re able to raise your confidence in throwing that given pitch in that game. Getting your confidence high before you face any batters is key, as your pitches will be more effective right from the get-go. Beyond that, you don’t really have a lot of responsibilities outside of following your catcher’s pitch-calling instructions. You’ll sometimes have to field a ball, or cover a base, but won’t be graded on fielding much, if at all during your tenure.