MLB 13: The Show road to the show guide


Now that you’ve found yourself on a real professional baseball team, it’s time hit the playing field and impress your organization. If you lucked into a starting job, that task will be demonstrably easier thanks to the everyday playing time you’ll receive. If you are a bench player, don’t fret too much. There will still be plenty of opportunities for you to fight your way into the starting line-up, and eventually up to the Major Leagues.

The main RTTS menu for your player breaks down into a handful of categories.

Play Next Appearance: This will automatically advance to the next game you play.
Schedule: You can get a look at the full season, as well as spotting key dates for the off-season.
Locker Room: Here you’ll find a better breakdown of your specific player performance. This is a key menu option in finding out your statistics overall, on a per game basis, and how you shape up in key areas like contact percentage and percentage of strikes/balls swung at.
Leaderboard: Provides a look at how you stack up against your friends with created players.
Training: Shows you the available areas to spend your hard-earned experience, and the current ratings you have. You can also find which of your stats are degrading over time.
Advancement Goals: The most important part of RTTS is meeting the goals your organization has set for you during a set time frame. Here you can see how well you’re doing in that regard.
Interactions: If you want to be traded, switch positions, or feel like you should be moved up in the batting order, this is where you can attempt to convince your coach.
Edit Player: Re-opens the creation menu so you can change your look, but not your stats or position.
Training Points: Indicates how much experience you have to spend on training.

To the right, you’ll also have a larger overall menu. Here you’ll be able to track your overall performance, see how you’ve done over the last ten games, and have a timetable on both your goal deadlines and when your next training mini-game will occur. There is another slide you can access here to show you where you stand in the overall depth chart of the entire organization by position. For some reason though, pitchers are excluded from that chart.