Miyamoto muses GC remakes for Wii

Tuesday 22 August 2006
Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto is keen to remake some of his earlier GameCube titles with Wii remote support - aided by the Wii hardware's similarity to GameCube's innards.

Of course, Wii is already backwards compatible with GameCube games, controllers and memory cards and, as most of its back catalogue is still available, Miyamoto told Japanese magazine Nintendo Dream that he sees any such remakes as being released at an "affordable price".

It's a cost-effective scenario for Nintendo, though, seeing as the games would require only a new interface and balance tweaking rather than an exhaustive remake. Whether as a new lease of life for old favourites, or a quick bolstering of the Wii line-up with proven titles - ones that in retrospect seem like they were waiting for Wii all along - there's more than a nostalgic attraction to the idea.

Above: The maker of Killer 7 (which is pictured here)is already preparing a similarly cel-shaded freakout, Heroes, for Wii - but a K7 director's cut would be welcome

Miyamoto also expressed hope that external GameCube developers might follow suit and refit their old titles. We'd certainly like to see Capcom's Killer 7 return as the unhinged lightgun game it always seemed to be, or perhaps body-rocking shooter P.N.03 transformed into a sci-fi aerobics video. With a calorie-combo counter.