Miyamoto doesn't like Haze's drug focus

While mooching around E3 last month, Shigeru Miyamoto dropped in to see Haze, the futuristic shooter from TimeSplitters creator Free Radical. But, according to dev legend David Doak (co-founder of Free Radical and ex-Rare designer) Mr. Mario wasn't too keen on all the drugs and death.

"Cliffy B dropped by to see Haze," Doak reveals in his column for the latest issue of Edge magazine. "He liked the drugs and the violence. Mr. Miyamoto dropped by to see Haze - and he didn't."

Miyamoto, of course, loves cuddly, fluffy things and bright colors. So it's understandable that he might not be bubbling with excitement for a game where you play a solider pumped full of steroid-like narcotics, shooting the hell out of anyone who gets in your way.

Still, Doak was relieved that people who saw Haze had a glimpse of what lies beneath the violent exterior: "At least everyone seemed to get the point that we're trying to make an FPS wargame that makes you think."

For the full article, pick up a copy of the new Edge magazine, on sale right now.

August 2, 2007

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