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Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol trailer leaks online

mission impossible

Good news... The first trailer for Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol has been leaked online! Bad news... It’s entirely in French.

It has been a while since our French GCSE exam went horribly wrong, so we’re pretty much entirely in the dark regarding the film’s plot.

But ignore the funny dubbing (Tom Wilkinson sounds the best) - this is still two minutes and 20 seconds of very impressive-looking stuff.

The live-action debut of Pixar director Brad Bird ( The Incredibles ), this fourth Mission: Impossible looks every bit as thrilling as the third.

With glossy visuals, loads of bangs, and Tom Cruise more ‘on form’ than he's been in years, Ghost Protocol just jumped quite a few places up our ‘must see’ list.

Check out the trailer below…

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol opens 26 December 2011.