Mission: Impossible 6 contains a "mind-blowing" sequence that required Tom Cruise to train for a whole year

The Mission: Impossible franchise has always gone all-out with its action scenes, so it makes sense that the new sequel would want to keep that streak alive. But if the producer is correct, the upcoming film is doing much more than just preserving the status quo: he says the film contains “the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie.” Well then...no pressure or anything.

In an interview with Collider, producer David Ellison got the hype train rolling about Cruise’s latest feat of derring-do. “What Tom is doing in this movie I believe will top anything that’s come before,” he said. “It is absolutely unbelievable—he’s been training for a year. It is going to be, I believe, the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie, and he has been working on it since right after Rogue Nation came out. It’s gonna be mind-blowing.”

Cruise has set the bar incredibly high in the Mission: Impossible films - almost literally, considering the heights he achieved hanging off the tallest building in the world and clutching for dear life onto the outside of a freaking airplane as it took off. What could he possibly do to top that?

Before the speculation begins, writer/director Chris McQuarrie wants to make one thing crystal clear to the fans:

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So it sounds like this won’t be a traditional action stunt, but more of an involved, sustained series of events. Cruise has done some hand-to-hand combat in this franchise before, but could the martial arts of films like The Raid and John Wick begin to seep into the Mission movies? Will we see Cruise’s Ethan Hunt engage in some intense fights in M:I 6? That may be one of the only things that would keep fans happy if the film (perhaps wisely) shies away from trying to outdo the franchise’s previous stunts.

Directed by Chris McQuarrie, Mission: Impossible 6 stars Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, and Simon Pegg, and arrives in theaters on July 27, 2018.

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