Missing, Presumed Dead

Game: Dead Rush
Didn't Come Out: Holiday 2004
What It Wasn't: A mix of Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil, where you're stuck in a city full of undead. Any car could be a weapon, but the zombies were smart (and fast) enough to grab onto your speeding vehicle and rip off panels. Since your car would take damage after plowing through an acre of zeds, you'd have to risk getting out and swapping fenders from similar cars left abandoned on the streets to make it to your next mission. Between runs, you'd have to blast zombies and defend the dwindling human population while searching for a way out.
Will It Live Again? Unfortunately no, despite a deluxe demo at E3 in 2004. Apparently reaction wasn't as strong as Activision had hoped. We're really hoping someone else takes this concept and brings it to life. So to speak.