Missing, Presumed Dead

Game: True Fantasy Live Online
Didn't Come Out: 2004
What It Wasn't: If ever there was going to be amust-play Massively Multiplayer Online RPG for the Xbox, this was it. Developer Level-5's killer app for Xbox Live offered everything a role-player could want: skill-building, deep character customization, questing (both solo and group) and a little sliver of cyberspace to decorate as your own. Said Official Xbox Magazine in the Holiday 2003 issue: "It's like the real world, except better ... and with trolls."
Will It Live Again? Not anymore. TFLO's ambitious design was its strength and its downfall; it was just too complicated to complete in the original timeframe. If they'd kept development up, it wouldn't have been out until late 2005 at the earliest, and Microsoft (which was publishing it) knew that 360 was en route for the same timeframe. This coulda had a chance, but no less an authority than Microsoft big, high, mucky-muckPeter Moore recently confirmed that it's officially a goner.