Missing, Presumed Dead

Game: First Strike: Grant City Anti-Crime
Didn't Come Out: February 2004
What It Wasn't: After the success of Dead to Rights, Namco wanted to extend the franchise. The problem was thatthe full sequel was still fairly far off in the future. The solution to fill the gap was this action/stealth game, which put you in the combat boots of Joseph Santini of the Grant City Anti-Crime Unit. One of the few honest cops in the police department, as you realize that your own crew is corrupt, you've got to blast and sneak your way back to truth and justice.
Will It Live Again? Don't count on it. The one problem with First Strike (besides myriad name changes) was that it didn't look like anything special - yet another mission-based stealth shooter, and the DTR connection was weak at best. There'd be no reason to revive it.