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Miss March review

Usual gross-out fare on offer here, but good fun

The first – and, if its apocalyptic US box office take is any indication, the last – film by anarchic sketch comedy troupe the Whitest Kids U’Know, Miss March tells the tawdry tale of Stupid Eugene (Zach Cregger), an amiable high school doofus who falls down a flight of stairs on prom night and ends up in a coma.

Awakening four years later, he finds his once-virginal high school sweetheart is now a Playboy Playmate (the Miss March of the title), so he and some pals road-trip their way to Hef’s mansion to fetch her.

It’s a textbook set-up for an ’80s-style teen-sex comedy; along the way, the film hits all the expected gross-out targets: there’s accidental pee-drinking, a girl has an epileptic seizure mid-coitus, someone gets stabbed in the face with a fork, and so on.

Pure eye-poking, boob-baring raunch that will tickle your inner idiot and wind up everyone else something rotten.

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