Minecraft's Adventure Update is so big it gets its own trailer

The term “game-changer” is bandied about far too much, but one instance in which it's seldom used – despite being completely, literally applicable for a change – is in the area of decent-sized game updates. Minecraft, for instance, is preparing to open wide for Version 1.8, a heaping helping of overhauls that can without a hint of hyperbole be described as palpably game-changing. To prepare for the occasion, here's an epic trailer from Mojang pals Hat Films.

Version 1.8 – dated imprecisely for “soon”– adds a powerful “Creative Mode” to Minecraft, unlocking all the game's blocks and the power of flight. However, as the trailer shows, the build also bakes more “game-like” elements into Minecraft, such as a few new enemies: the nightmarish Enderman becomes hostile if gazed upon, whereas the Blue Spider populates the abandoned mineshafts that have been added to the update. Combat and control mechanics have been improved, NPC villages dot the landscape, a more complex fractal-based randomization mechanic has been put in place, and... well, Minecraft 1.8 is a much bigger update than you're used to, okay?

Above: The eldritch horror of the Enderman

If you've been on the fence about the low-pixel, high-addiction game until now, the impending release of the new Adventure Update could be the perfect time to get your feet wet.

Sep 6, 2011