Minecraft coming to Xperia PLAY

The XperiaPLAYGames YouTube channel has released a new teaser trailer for Minecraft on Sony's Xperia PLAY phone. The video shows a few seconds of silent gameplay as the phone slowly spins in the air and the PlayStation-like buttons slide out, looking remarkably shiny. Given the game's phenomenal popularity, it comes as no surprise that it's making the jump from PC to mobile gaming.

Above: The video is accompanied by this enigmatic text: %26ldquo;Not long to go now%26hellip; how long until Minecraft arrives?

The mobile version of the game is a timed exclusive for the Xperia PLAY Phone, so it will be available on Sony's platform first and then move to competing mobile devices %26mdash; including other Android phones and the iPhone. Neither Sony nor Minecraft devs Mojang have said anything about the game actually making the Xperia PLAY phone levitate, but based on the teaser, it absolutely will %26mdash; we're 99 percent sure.

Minecraft was developed for PC, so it won't be a straight port to Android phones, but exactly how it will change remains to be seen. Mojang said, in an interview withGamasutra, that it knows mobile gamers have %26ldquo;different attention spans and thus the game needs to be customized to fit the mobile specifications." You can see a bit of early gameplay on a Xperia PLAY phone below, but it's obviously sped up and a bit jerky, so don't take it as final gameplay footage.

Aug 9, 2011

Source:Game Front

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