Mila Kunis: hottest gamer on the planet

In an interview in the UK edition of Esquire magazine Kunis reveals that not only is she a bit of a gambler, she spends hours playing video games with her Home Alone boyfriend Macaulay Caulkin. Their game of choice was the ultra-populist World of Warcraft which the Hollywood pair have now given up, but now she's obsessed with Zynga Facebook app,Farmville: "All you do is grow wheat," she explains, "And then you grow blueberries. It's so monotonous and great at the same time." Sounds like Kunis might also have a career in game reviewing?

On reflection, Kunis's gaming habits might have a downside: if she's so addicted, would she make time for you and her to do, like, y'know, other stuff?

Above: Bonus psuedo-lesbian Mila Kunispicture

May 11, 2010

I hate the 267.