Microsoft to wait on 360 motion control

Microsoft will "wait and see" how demand for motion-sensitive controllers grows before developing its own SixAxis/Wii Remote-like controller, says Microsoft's Chris Satchell.

Microsoft Developer Group says unless there's real demand from gamers and publishers for the tech "there's no point building the hardware if nobody really wants it."

"One thing I'm not certain of is that third-parties are super-excited about that motion control - or at least they're not showing it with the games that are hitting the shelves yet," he said.

"We're yet to see a really good game on Wii that really says 'OK that control kicked ass'."

And of the PlayStation 3's SixAxis controller, Satchell commented: "I think the jury's way out on that. I don't know if it's really that meaningful or not. So I think the jury's out on whether everybody really wants [motion control] so we'll wait and see."

Satchell's comments are at odds with those of Xbox boss Peter Moore, who hinted earlier this year that Microsoft does indeed have its own Wii-inspired plans up its sleeve. "We have plans. This does not come as a surprise," he said.

April 3, 2007