Microsoft shows off split-screen tech and 3D wizardry in new research video

Split-screen gaming is a less-than-ideal way to facilitate offline frag-fests, but recent innovations from the depths of Microsoft's research division could lead to glasses-free tech capable of rendering a unique, full-screen experience for separate players on the same screen.

Referred to as Steerable Multiview Displays, the prototype technology works by using optic wedges to guide a different image to two players using the same screen. Sound familiar? That's because Sony recently demo'd its own solution to split-screen play using 3D glasses to filter through multiple images on the same monitor. Unlike Sony, however, Microsoft''s eggheads claim the same effect can be accomplished sans specs. Interested? We'll let the company's director of applied sciences, Steven Bathiche, explain the sciency bits:

The video showcases other early-stage inventions such as complex air-gesture displays and manipulatable 3D Magic Windows; all of which use the Kinect's head tracking prowess to create some rather interesting (and potentially game changing) innovations. Now, if they could just do something about those damn loading screens...

[Source: Microsoft Research via Joystiq]

Feb 28, 2011

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