Sony demos new PS3 concept, "dual-view" split-screen

This may be a difficult idea to digest, but Sony has figured out a way for two people to play the same game on the same TV without using a split screen. So, player one, sitting on the left side of the couch, sees something completely different from player two, sitting on the right side of the couch.

Above: A shot of Killzone 3's split-screen co-op mode

Sony reportedly demonstrated the new technology with Killzone 3 running on a 3D TV. If both players are wearing 3D glasses, each one sees a completely different image on the screen.

It sounds like something you have to see to believe, and we have no idea when you might be able to see it in person. The "dual-view" feature is a long time away from actual implementation, we'd assume, but if it does actually materialize into a real game we'll be all over it. But obviously, Sony is tweaking its 3D technology to come up with new and exciting features.

3D still remains a pretty niche technology. I happen to owna 3DTV(the timing was right), and have found the PS3 3D games to behit or miss. When it's a hit, though, it can be spectacular, and Sony seems dedicated to the expensive format even if its audience is very slim.

[Source:Pocket Lint]

Feb 23, 2011

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