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Microsoft releases new mobile games... but not on Windows Phone 7

Holy irony, Batman! Microsoft has just launched a couple new smartphone games for the iPhone, but there's no version of them to be found on Microsoft's own platform, Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone saw pretty sobering launch sales, but surely Microsoft isn't already snubbing its loyal customers just because there are more iPhone users out there.

Above: Snowboard Hero

The games, which were released by Microsoft's Bing team, are called Snowboard Hero and Powerboat Challenge. Their presence on the iPhone is designed to create awareness of Bing among the not-so-Windows-faithful. (Uh, good luck.) Maybe Microsoft doesn't feel the need to release them on its own platform, which is already all Bing'd out?

Even so,WindowsPhone 7are angered that they don't have any way to play the newly released games. On a Bing forum where Microsoft announced the new games, community members were spiteful in their comments, and the company responded with a post reading, "We hear your feedback loud and clear. Please stay tuned for more updates from us on WP7."

Obviously, this doesn't mean Microsoft has stopped devoting any resources at all to Windows Phone 7. The games are simple, almost advertorial products from the company's Bing offices, but nevertheless, it is a Microsoft app that isn't available on the Microsoft mobile platform, and to many, that just doesn't make any sense.

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Dec 21, 2010