Microsoft attacks RPG genre

As promised Microsoft's 'RPG Premiere' has just come to a close in Japan and there areenough stats here to give even the most casual RPG fan the horn. One thing's for sure, MS isn't going down in Japan without a fight.

Let's get right to it. First up is Namco Bandai's colourful Tales of Vesperia, which has been confirmed for release this August in Japan and the US, with us dirty Europeans having to wait a far longer into 2009.

It's not all bad news for us though; there's a demo planned to arrive on Marketplace this month, so you get eight months to decide whether or not to buy it.

But as expected, Square Enix took centre stage, showcasing three RPGs that will be coming to Xbox 360 in the next 12 months.

It was revealed that the promising-looking Last Remnant will be arriving on 360 before PS3, with a simultaneous launch worldwide this winter. Namco Bandai, take note.

Above: 360 owners worldwideget first dibs onThe Last Remnant (opens in new tab)

Meanwhile, further embarrassing the localisation team at Namco, the gorgeous Infinite Undiscovery is due for a staggered worldwide release in September, with Europe down for September 5 and the US on September 2.

Above:Square-Enix's latestundiscovery (opens in new tab): giant purple squid

Last up is the reveal of Square Enix's latest Star Ocean, subtitled The Last Hope, which will be out sometime next year.

A CGI trailer was shown at the event, apparently showing a more science fiction art style and not much in the way of plot. It should be decent.

Above: Blonde hero versus giant lizard - the eternal battle rages on inStar Ocean: The Last Hope (opens in new tab)

Surprisingly there was no showing from MS-funded studio Mistwalker, which we would've at least expected to turn up at the event. Maybe it's saving Cry On for E3?

Check out the game pages forInfinite Undiscovery, (opens in new tab)The Last Remnant (opens in new tab), andTales of Vesperia (opens in new tab)for more.

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Jun 10, 2008