Microsoft and Bethesda intend to make their "best games" together according to Phil Spencer

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Phil Spencer can't offer specifics about Microsoft's work with Bethesda and Zenimax's other studios, but wants to ensure that his new teams will be able to make the best games possible. Speaking with GameReactor Spencer touched on the future of Bethesda titles on the Series X and Series S consoles. 

When asked about his long-term intentions for the deal, Spencer was quick to explain that Xbox is yet to acquire ZeniMax. Rather, Xbox has announced its intention to acquire the company. In explaining the details of the acquisition, Spencer stressed that he's currently legally not allowed to sit down with Bethesda director Todd Howard and ZeniMax CEO Robert Altman to discuss future plans. 

Spencer explained that he's certainly aware of the many questions about the exclusivity of Bethesda games, but he instead shifted focus into his intentions for Bethesda's output as a publisher. While he has yet to sit down with Howard directly about the future of Bethesda, Spencer did say that the two have a longstanding friendship and have discussed the partnership. 

"In terms of what I want long term," said Spencer, "I want those amazing studious to create the best games they ever created." According to Spencer, Howard very much felt the same and expressed intention to use Microsoft's backing to make the "best games [Bethesda] ever built." 

There has been much talk about the potential exclusivity of Bethesda titles as a result of the acquisition. The GameReactor interview, on the other hand, took the approach of focusing more on Spencer's desire for the overall path of the publisher under Microsoft's umbrella. 

Microsoft is paying $7.5 billion to acquire ZeniMax, and is expected to close sometime in the second half of 2021.

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