Michael Jackson skit cut from Bruno

The team behind Bruno have decided to edit out a reference to Michael Jackson, following the performer’s death last Thursday.

The scene – which sees Bruno interviewing LaToya Jackson - features Baron Cohen cracking jokes about her brother’s voice and trying to get his number from her phone.

Whilst it was present in press screenings, the studio and filmmakers have ultimately decided to slice it from the premiere print.

"We decided to take it out for tonight, and we'll reassess before the release whether to keep it out," director Larry Charles told The Hollywood Reporter at the premiere’s party.

But now both sides have decided to ditch the scene altogether for all prints, which is still possible since the prints have yet to be finished or shipped out.

Whether it’ll turn up on the DVD, of course, is another matter. We’re guessing they’ll reassess the issue when the time is right.

[Source: THR ]

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