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Michael B. Jordan says Fantastic Four "was a lesson" for him

Michael B. Jordan has spoken about this year's disastrous Fantastic Four reboot, citing that while it was an exciting experience, he learned some valuable lessons.

Speaking to (opens in new tab), the actor said "it was just a dream come true being able to play that character," referring to Johnny Storm/The Human Torch who he portrayed in the Josh Trank movie. He also reckons he "got out of there pretty clean". We're assuming he thinks (or at least hopes) it didn't dent his reputation too much, and if the rave reviews he's been getting for Creed are anything to go by, that looks to be true.

"It's one of those things where it was a lesson for me that really made me realise that things aren't in your control." He added. "You can get up everyday and be like 'I'm going to give 110% to this one thing' or to anything and it still not turn out how people want it or how you expected it to and it doesn't mean that you're a failure or it doesn't mean that you didn't do a great job, it just means that as a whole, as a project, there are so many other pieces that are moving that have nothing to do with you that determine the outcome of a film, so that was kind of one of those things that I had to come to terms with."

It's a measured and honest responses to a film, which reportedly experienced a number of bust-ups between cast and crew, and some woeful on-set organisation, leaving both fans and critics disappointed. Directed by Ryan Coogler and starring Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, Creed is already out in the US and is due out in the UK on January 15 2016.

Mike Williams
Mike Williams
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