MGS5's eyepatch-wearing dog gets an action figure and WOOKIT HIS WIDDLE BOOTIES

Look, I don't really know how to introduce this concept to you, because we're so far beyond logic at this point when it comes to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. So I'm just gonna get right to it: Square Enix's Play Arts Kai series of collectibles will release a D.D. (that would be the eyepatch-wearing dog seen in earlier trailers for the game) action figure this December, and it's wearing a freaking sneaking suit. Here it is:

That's it, Metal Gear Solid 5. You've gone too far this time. You might have bipedal nuclear tanks with whip swords, a barely-dressed sniper whose fashion sense has one of the flimsiest justifications ever, weaponized horse shit, and a dude with shrapnel growing out of his head to make him look like a demon, but now you've gone and put a dog in a latex sneaking suit and given him adorable little booties and a visor mask. I just can't even with this.

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Sam Prell

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