MGS4 pre-orders stopped

Konami has temporarily ceased taking pre-orders on the Metal Gear Solid 4 hardware bundle, after a US deal launched on the official site yesterday went belly up.

Eager fans hoping to get hold of the limited-edition Gunmetal PS3 bundle, sold exclusively through the official online Konami Store, were greeted to "503 errors," according toKotaku, who described the ordeal as "a clusterf**k of massive proportions." Nice choice of words there.

The Store works at the moment. But it says the allocated pre-order stock for the day has been reached. It then asks you to "check back tomorrow (May 20, 2008), when we will make available more stock for pre-orders."

Not really one known for having solid internet servers, Konami really needs to prepare itself for the impact of another internet rush, so that it isn't hit with another disaster reminiscent of the Metal Gear Online beta fiasco.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 20, 2008