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MGS4 hits South America

Oct 31, 2007

If you don't subscribe to Konami's KP Report - Kojima's very own MGS4-concerned podcast - then you may have missed out on a nugget of knowledge recently revealed on the audio broadcast. Namely, that MGS4 won't be limited to the Middle Eastern battlefield we've seen in all the footage, but instead will take in South America and "other places", too.

Rumour has it that Eastern Europe will also play host to Snake's adventures. Interestingly, though, you've probably already seen the South American setting yet not been aware of it - the fight between Vamp and Raiden in this year's E3 trailer takes place in that very location. How sneaky.

In other MGS4 news, a recent hands on from the Official PlayStation Magazine reveals that Snake's relationship with the warring factions in each location can be used to your advantage. At one point, the mag explains how assisting the local militia in a battle means they'll defend you, too. And you can 'reward' your helpers by offering them ammo - Konami producer Ryan Payton details how you can "build trust" through such actions. Read more in issue #012 of the Official PlayStation Magazine, on sale now.