MGS4 has '90 minute' cutscenes

We know the Metal Gear Solid series is famous for its long cutscenes, but this tops everything!

Metal Gear Solid 4, the latest instalment in Hideo Kojima's seminal stealth series, has cutscenes (note the plural) that approach the 90 minutes mark.

The news comes from PSW UK magazine, who's seen and finished MGS4, 90-minute cut-scenes and all. We were expecting long story sequences (MGS2 approached the 45 minute mark in one) but an hour and a half of cinematics was unexpected.

The good news is that you can now skip or pause the scenes. Hands up though, how many of you are actually going to sit through the full 90 minutes?

"MGS4's story is massive. The videogame equivalent of all three Godfather movies on one disc," says the mag.

"As you'd expect, you'll spend a lot of time watching cut-scenes, so if you found previous games' story exposition laborious, then you'd better find yourself a nice cushion and plenty of teabags in readiness for MGS4's.

"They can be skipped, but you'll be missing out on some of the finely crafted examples of FMV footage anywhere in gaming," the article boldly proclaims.

Courtesy of CVG.

May 23, 2008