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MGS 5's Mother Base explained in a 30 minute video (and with a nod to PT)

Puppies, robotic research and development, portable showers - this 30-minute exploration of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's Mother Base is full of all the weirdness you expect from a Metal Gear. But it's kind of hard to pay attention when every other flat surface is covered with an overt P.T. reference.

The secret demo for the now-canceled Silent Hills, which was also developed by Kojima Productions, was infamously pulled off of PSN by Konami earlier this year. It lives on in the custom emblem used throughout much of the Mother Base demo, with a creepy spider crawling toward those two terror-inspiring letters on crates, walls, and even the user interface.

The emblem seems like more of a thumbed nose than any indication of further life for the now-contraband survival horror phenomenon - there may be some symbolism in the way it fades into a more generic, Diamond Dogs inspired logo around 13:55. Still, it's fun to play "spot the P.T." as you watch 30 minutes of analysis on the inner workings of a secret paramilitary headquarters.

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Connor Sheridan
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