Metroid Prime Hunters - Tools of the Trade

An online, handheld deathmatch is about to take over your Nintendo DS. Metroid Prime Hunters is just a few days away, and its seven tough-as-nails bounty hunters (heroine Samus included) are going to do everything in their armor-cracking, shape-shifting power to put you under. Curious as to how it is you're going down?

From the official Hunters website:

"Samus Aran is well known throughout the galaxy as an efficient and experienced bounty hunter. Few other hunters can compete with Samus' long run of successful missions, most of which were carried out against seemingly insurmountable odds."

When things get too crazy, Samus can collapse into her alternate form, the morph ball. We've seen this bundle of joy for years now. While rolling around, Samus can drop energy bombs that detonate after just a few seconds, banging around anyone who's still wondering where she just scooted away to.

Samus also has the ability to use special homing missiles that seek out enemies and really chew up the other hunters' health. But with six brand-new characters to check out, why stick with gaming's First Lady?

Brett Elston

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