Metroid Prime Hunters - Tools of the Trade

From the official Hunters website:

"A lab experiment gone awry, Kanden was created to be the ultimate soldier. However, stress from the neural combat encoding sequences was more than Kanden's still-mortal brain could handle, and left him ferocious, deadly and dangerously unpredictable."

As the requisite "I'm crazy!" guy in the group, Kanden's a loose cannon that doesn't respect the rules. Or his partner. Or establishment. The Volt Driver attack can home in on the other hunters and temporarily blind them. While disabled, he can morph into the Stinglarva, which has detachable joints in the back that also seek out enemies and explode.

With full online tracking, Hunters will be able to tell you how popular each of these nutcases is. Which will come out on top? We'll have a pretty good idea in just a few days.