Metroid Prime Hunters - Hands On

Hunters is the first title on the Wi-Fi Connection that is going to drown you with player details. Filling out a Hunter's License tracks a truckload of data, transmitting your favorite weapons, arenas and methods of killing to anyone who wants to hunt you down (unless you opt to keep all that info secret). It'll also advertise how often you dump out of games because things aren't going your way - so cheaters beware. Nintendo's own tracking site will regularly update this info for anyone to log in and see. Provided you've exchanged the ironclad Nintendo Friend Code, that is. Yes, you still have to personally hand out your code or play in a local match to add gamers to your friend list. Once they are, a brand new DS feature reveals itself - voice chat. Holding the X button in the online waiting room enables you to speak into the DS' microphone. Talk smack, exchange love stories, whatever. The voices come through loud and clear.

Hate having friends? You could live off of the Rival Radar, if that's the way you wanna play it. It's basically the Nintendogs "Bark Mode" for Hunters. You can turn the radar on, walk around, catch a movie or whatever you please, and if anyone else happens to have their DS searching too, you become rivals. You still don't get their friend code, but there's enough info to track their kills and overall progress. Anyone you play locally can slide into the rival role if you choose.

Brett Elston

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