Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid Prime Hunters is broken up into a series of specific missions, which you receive from the Galactic Federation before each level.The game's story basically revolves around an artefact hunt; technology of vast power that's scattered around the galaxy. Using her ship, space hunter Samus will need to travel around the system to search for them. However, these artefacts are not only sought after by Samus, but also by a number of other bounty hunters. Each bounty hunter is nastier than the last, so Samus (whose suit is already powered up this time, unlike in previous games) will have to explore the game world to find new weapons to defeat them. Also, each of these bounty hunters is strangely similar to Samus (they all have a morphing ability, for example), which suggests to us that they'll be unlockable for use in Wi-Fi deathmatches.