Metroid Prime: Federation Force is like The Avengers for Metroid

Metroid Prime: Federation Force producer Kensuke Tanabe figured fans might be upset when they learned the game doesn't star Samus Aran, but he thinks they'll be pleasantly surprised by how it ties the sci-fi story together.

Samus does have a role in Federation Force, Tanabe confirmed to CGM. But rather than focusing solely on her story like, well, every other Metroid game, Tanabe said Federation Force will be like The Avengers for Metroid: tying together loose threads from Metroid Prime Hunters and Metroid Prime 3, such as the conflict between Samus and her mysterious rival Sylux, as it follows a team of Galactic Federation soldiers running down a Space Pirate operation.

"What I see happening is that once the players can actually have hands-on experience with the actual game, they’ll be able to understand and experience for themselves how the game actually feels and that the Metroid Prime universe atmosphere is there, and the music that is used in the game is also heavily related to the Prime series of course," Tanabe said.

"So while people would at first say, 'oh this isn’t what I expected,' they’ll definitely understand the different perspective that we’re taking here and it’ll certainly make a difference once you get some experience with the game."

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Connor Sheridan

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