Metroid Prime 3 - survival guide

Two surprising Easter Eggs have surfaced in the short week since the game's launch as well. They're already all over the internet, yet we keep seeing posts about them. Well, we might as well show 'em off too:

Iwata's Secret Message - secret code in your ship

By inputting a special code in your ship (the same that you used to transmit access codes at the very beginning), you'll hear a message in Japanese. This reportedly is Nintendo's current president, Satoru Iwata. There have been several translations thus far, but we likethis one the most.

"Hello, this is Iwata from Nintendo. You may not know from an outsider's point of view, but being a director is really hard! When things are really busy and stressful we (us directors) may look tired and sick, then people may feel sorry for us! But in my case, it's the opposite, I get fatter and fatter, so then people don't think I'm stressed at all!"

Metroid Dread - rumored sequel real after all?

There's been a rumor about this 2D Metroidsequelfor some time now. It's thought to be in development for the DS, but so far Nintendo's not saying anything in an official capacity. Prime developer Retro Studios might have other motives, however, offering this juicy nugget hidden in a scan:

"Experiment status report update. Metroid project "Dread" is nearing the final stages of completion."

Friendly shout-out or ominous warning? We're hoping for the latter, as the idea of another traditional Metroid fills our old-school hearts with pixilated glee. Retro's just said its taking some time away from Samus, so odds are Dread won't be handled by the US dev team. NST, perhaps?

Brett Elston

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