Metroid designer says next Nintendo console will 'leave you all with your mouth open'

It's a tease very similar to the stuff we heard whentalk about the Wii firstcirculated, but can Nintendo strike gold twice? Yoshio Sakamoto seems to think (or at least hope) so.

Sakamoto, a 28-year veteran at Nintendo, has apparently gotten a look at some early concepts for the Wii's successor. He was compelled enough to dish out acouple commentsto Spanish video game website3D Juegos.

Above: Yoshio Sakamoto, the co-creator of the Metroid series. He’s been making games for Nintendo for more years than the PlayStation and Xbox brands have been around, combined

Sakamoto was assumedly speaking through a Spanish translator, and we crunched that Spanish translation through Google Translator to see it in English.The result is surprisingly still comprehensible, but do take it with a grain of salt.

"We have never done what others have. We prefer to create something new that catches attention, and I think this will continue this time as well," he said, adding, "Surely the new Nintendo machine will leave you all with your mouth open."

Obviously we still have no idea what the 'Wii 2' (as we're callingit for lack of a better name)will actually try to accomplish, but we do know it probably won't have support for 3D output. Nintendo is also planning on beingeven more tight-lippedthan it was with the Wii.

Above: It shouldn’t be too long before we start seeing crazy Wii 2 mockups, like this old (fake) Revolution concept art from

Meanwhile, no one is saying much at all about the PS4 or the Xbox 720 (362?). The current systems are a bit more future-proof than the Wii, and logistically, it'll be tougher forcurrent owners to switch tonew consoles after the hundreds they've spent in downloadable content and accessories.Also, Microsoft and Sony probably aren't going to abandon Kinect and Move quickly,so it's most probable that the next Nintendo system will come out first.

Maybe we'llat least get a code name soon, because everyone knows it won't be called 'Wii 2.' We hope the final nameis something even more weird and sophomoric-joke-inducing than 'Wii.'

Sep 8, 2010

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