Metal Slug: Classic screens and controls

Friday 3 November 2006
It's not in 3D and you don't have to wave your arms around like an epileptic jellyfish just to shoot. And with two of our worst fears carefully sidestepped, we can show you these lovely new screens from Metal Slug Anthology on Wii.

That's right, those clever chaps at SNK have decided to include six different control systems for this package of classic Slugs so, while you can opt for the fully motion sensitive system, there is also a neat fusion of the modern and the retro that uses the Nunchuk for movement and only waves the wand to throw a grenade.

Above: Included in this package of side-scrollers are all seven versions of the arcade machine games

And while we can't wait to get our hands on this festival of 'The Slug', your eyes can at least dine out on the vast array of screens on the images tab culled from this much-loved shooter.