Metal Gear Survive focuses on stealth and co-op mechanics but won't be a full price game

The new MGS has been announced and the reaction to Metal Gear Survive went about as well as you'd expect. The trailer pitches a team of Mother Base survivors pulled through a wormhole into a zombie filled desert, but is a bit thin on details. However, I've just come out of a presentation and this is what's been explained so far. 

The game takes place after Ground Zeroes in alternative timeline generated by unexplained wormholes. That throws the player in to a 'vast desert filled with half-formed structures and biological threats'. That last bit's an interesting turn of phrase: there was careful avoidance of the term 'zombies'.

The action itself will focus on previous Mother Base staff who must work in co-op to stay alive and 'get back home'. The focus will be on stealth and co-op play mechanics to 'manage massive threats'. That seemed to be hinted at when the trailer ended with something... big arriving. 

New gear also seems to be a feature, with the presentation playing up the idea that the series was known for its weapons. One part of the game will apparently involve mastering these new tools - that jet propelled Catherine wheel arrow being pulled out as an example. 

The final fact sheet classes Survive as a 'survival action game' with a release date of '2017'. Interestingly, this won't be a full price game. While no further details were given, I did catch sight of a print out that suggests a 30 Euro ($33) price point. 

Other than that Konami is saying little and not even clarifying if there are any other modes beyond four-player co-op.  What do you think? Have you say in the comments below, just keep it civil.

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