Mercury Meltdown hands-on

See, Mercury Meltdown's main hook is its gooey hero's ability to bounce, split and re-form. Roll your blob against sharp corners, for example, and it splits into two pieces (which can also be split ad infinitum and scattered around the maze). Run a piece under a colored ray, and it'll turn red, blue or green, allowing them to pass through doors or hit switches of the corresponding color. Roll the pieces back together, and their colors will combine to make yellow, aqua or purple, which are also used in a lot of the puzzles. For example, it might take a certain color glop to open a specific gate.

  1. You
  2. The amount of mercury left in your blob
  3. The way to the checkered exit from the level
  4. Your doom
  5. A piston set in place to push you to your doom
  6. A color-changer that turns your mercury red
  7. A visual aid to help you mix colors
  8. Time remaining
Mikel Reparaz
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