Mercury Meltdown: Developer interview

Is the blob still lovely and shiny looking, though?
Oh yes! We have also included a number of skins as well - just for fun. But, as for those who prefer the blob style from the first game, this is included too and can be selected from the start.

Replay was an important factor of the original Mercury - has Meltdown also been designed to encourage players to return to levels to better their scores?
Definitely. Each of the levels has three set targets - collect 100% Mercury, get to the end within a set time limit and collect all the newly added bonuses, not all of these are necessarily achievable in one run.

Hitting these targets will aid in-game progression and help players to find all the numerous hidden features within the game.

There was talk of the first game being bundled with a tilt peripheral, but it never transpired. Is there any chance of such a device being used with Meltdown?
Unfortunately no, it is no secret that we had a prototype up and running when the first Mercury was due for release, but the red tape and cost proved too much in the end. I am hopeful other tilt options will present themselves in the future...

Mercury would be excellently suited to Wii's motion-sensing technology - do you have plans to bring Mercury to Nintendo's console?
As you can guess, we can't comment at this time but we plan to have additional announcements regarding Mercury Meltdown in the near future. Many see Wii as a perfect vehicle for Mercury Meltdown so expect some news soon!

How about DS or even Xbox Live Arcade? Mercury seems ideal for those platforms as well...
Once again the fact that the game has done so well and many see Mercury Meltdown as being such an innovative game, well suited to other formats, it is pleasing for a developer to hear. Feedback and demand will also help a publisher decide.

For the imminent future we are nearing completion of the PSP title which has already received many great comments so, as they say, watch this space...

Matt Cundy
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