Meet all the Mass Effect: Andromeda squadmates we've seen so far

Mass Effect: Andromeda will give you a whole new galaxy to explore, but I'm more excited about making friends with my new squad. BioWare has been slowly trickling out details for a while on the allies that will come along on your Pathfinder adventures, and we've assembled the most important info for you right here.

 Scott and Sara Ryder 

As we already knew, you'll choose to play as either Scott or Sara Ryder, and whoever you don't pick will go off and persist as their own character in the story. Judging by those little biographies, it sounds like Scott may be somewhat impatient and glory-starved while Sara is a little more intellectual. Of course, you'll be the one picking their dialogue options so that's really up to you.

Cora Harper

Cora is your team's operations specialist and a human biotic who was good enough to serve with Asari commandos (they're super hardcore). In other words, don't mouth off to her because she can probably crush your rib cage with her mind. She is also more than likely a relative of Cerberus leader Jack Harper, AKA the Illusive Man. Of all the original trilogy characters to tie back into, Andromeda had to pick the megalomaniacal xenophobe...

Liam Kosta

An idealistic "crisis response" specialist who is originally from future-London, Liam sounds like he can hold his own in a scrap as well. Much like Garrus in the original Mass Effect trilogy, Liam used to be a space cop. So that's a good start! He's a close-range fighter who favors "overclocked dual omni-blades", which he uses for his combo-enabling Havoc Strike ability.


Nakmor Drack will fill the Krogan-shaped hole in your heart and he should have plenty of wartime wisdom to share, as well - he is a venerable 14 centuries old, after all. He sports a Krogan shotgun, ideal for charging into combat to activate his damage, health, and defense boosting Blood Rage ability. No word on whether you can have whole conversations just saying each other's last names, though.


Peebee (full name Pelessaria B’Sayle) shares her Asari lineage with Liara T'soni from the original trilogy but the similarities end there. Peebee seems to be a more impulsive character than the calm, erudite doctor. She also packs a big ol' handcannon and biotic powers that can be used to disrupt enemy forces.


Where fellow Turian Garrus Vakarian fell squarely on the "vigilante justice" side of the Milky Way underworld, Vetra Nyx is more of a deal-maker. Criminal ties or no, she's 100-percent loyal to people who earn her trust, and she'll back it up with her assault rifle and tank-grade Power Armor. When in doubt, let Vetra do the talking.


So far, Jaal is the only confirmed squadmate who is native to the Andromeda galaxy. He's a member of the Angaran species and his class description is an evocative "Resistance Fighter". Good to know you'll have some support for the locals in your fight against the Kett. Hopefully your squad's Milky Way customs aren't too difficult for Jaal to adapt to.

Kallo Jath

Kallo is the pilot of the Tempest and probably won't be participating in many ground missions, so he's not really a member of your squad per se. But I love salarians and didn't want to leave him out.

Mass Effect: Andromeda may still sneak a few more squadmates in there, though the original game did only feature six in total. I wouldn't mind if BioWare went for a smaller group instead of the massive rosters from Mass Effect 2 and 3.

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