Mass Effect: Andromeda's asari squadmate Peebee is "completely goofy" and has a big ol' hand cannon

BioWare has unofficially declared February 2 "Peebee Appreciation Day" with a detailed art/cosplay guide for the character, a new video interview with her voice actress, and a brief bio on its official site. If you were expecting Mass Effect: Andromeda's asari adventurer to be as graceful and stoic as her sisters from the original Mass Effect trilogy, you've got another thing coming. Specifically, you've got a bunch of really corny gags coming.

"She's completely goofy, and sometimes the joke totally lands, and sometimes it really doesn't," Peebee voice actress Christine Lakin explains in the video. I may relate to that statement a little too much. Every team needs a joker, and since the real Joker is back in the Milky Way (and probably several hundred years dead by the time of Andromeda), Peebee will fit the bill.

Even if you're not a cosplayer or artist yourself you should still give that character kit a look over. Here are some of the cool details I was able to pull out:

That's the face of an asari who just thought of a terrible pun.

Doesn't Peebee's belly get cold? Like, in space?

Her gun is called a Sidewinder, but it looks like a Hand Cannon to me.

Peebee's full name is Pelessaria B’Sayle according to her bio, so I can see why she goes by Peebee. She's originally from the icy asari world of Hyetiana. It's home to one of those "Search and Rescue" blips in Mass Effect 3 and prominent xenobiological facilities but is otherwise unremarkable. I'm not surprised Peebee got out of there in a hurry.

One common asari trait that Peebee doesn't defy is biotic power: her role in combat is that of a "gunslinger" and "biotic destabilizer". Hopefully she's useful in a fight because my squad always has at least one slot reserved for comic relief.

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