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Meet the most patient tech support guy ever

It's not that the old lady calling him is an angry old hag. In fact, she's really rather sweet. And having had to deal with the public at work before - hell, having to do it every day when I leave the house- I know they can be a total nightmare if they want to be. But given her line of questioning (essentially 'How do I stop Pac-man breaking Google and stopping me from working?') and how clear it is that she possibly thinks shutting down a program means switching the monitor off, he does very well indeed.

Actually, what am I saying? Presumably someone from tech support uploaded this conversation to Youtube without the old lady's consent, forus all tolaugh at. And we are!.EVIL!

But have you ever worked in tech support? Or had to deal with the public at all at work? And if so, what was the stupidest thing you ever heard? Let us know in the comments, or vent your spleen messily all over ourFacebook (opens in new tab)andTwitter (opens in new tab)pages.

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