Meet the characters (and super dark story) of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Thinking about picking up Final Fantasy Type-0 HD? Well, you’re in luck - Square Enix have spoilt you (and us) positively rotten with a slew of new character trailers for five of its playable characters - Trey, Cater, Cinque, Rem and Machina to be precise.

The dual-wielding Machina Kunagiri is one of the newest members of Class Zero (the monster hunting young ‘uns of Type-0) and he’s a mean brawler with a powerful Sonic Charge for his Trinity Attack. Machina is joined by his childhood friend, Rem Tokimiya, who packs a rather nasty looking pair of red daggers. Rem and Machina are joined by the mace-toting Cinque, the bow-happy Trey and Cater, the owner of a ‘magical pistol’.

Oh did we mention that the spotlighted brawlers aren’t the only FF poster kids at your disposal? Final Fantasy will feature a total of 12 playable guys and gals, each with their unique weapons, movesets and backstories. Not bad for a handheld port, eh?

With its release date less than two weeks away, Square Enix took to the stage at this year’s PAX East event to reveal another new trailer that delves deeper into the story of Machina, Cinque and co. Let’s just say it’s pretty dark - there won’t be many chocobo races on this adventure...

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hits consoles in the US on 17 March and Europe on 20 March.