MediEvil remake "feels like Dark Souls", says PlayStation

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JICYMI, one of PlayStation's most endearing characters – MediEvil's Sir Dan Fortesque – is coming back to life once more... and in more ways than one. Further to the playable demo available to the patrons at Gamescom, the fine folks at PlayStation have kindly shown off a handful of new caps that compare screenshots from the PS Original game to the remaster. 

According to a new post on the PS Blog, the MediEvil remaster keeps "much of the original game remains intact" as it gears up for its release at the spooooookiest time of the year, Halloween week. Here, take a peek:

The post also confirms that Fortesque's original voice actor, Jason Wilson – who also wrote the original story – will reprise his role (no mean feat given Fortesque lacks a lower jaw), whereas its audio has either taken from the "high-res audio" of the original supporting cast voice work or been re-recorded. 

However, Tom Baker has not returned as the narrator Grim Reaper – Lani Minella will instead take his place – but the whimsical soundtrack (which I remember very fondly) has been re-recorded by Prague Symphony Orchestra under the director of the original composers, Bob&Barn.

Perhaps most interestingly of all, however, are the comparisons to FromSoftware's epic Dark Souls series. The PS Blog states that "one of the biggest surprises is how MediEvil feels like Dark Souls... despite it releasing over a decade before From Software's challenging fantasy epic".

"Realization dawns once you're past the tutorial-like crypt and its surrounding graveyard. For one, MediEvil's levels are compact labyrinths packed with secrets and shortcuts," writes PlayStation's Gillen McAllister. "Secondly, the game is tough. This is no brainless hack and slash romp: single enemies can do considerable damage, while mobs can quickly send the unwary back to the grave.

"Comparisons continue the further you explore," he added. "You need to discover or unlock new weapons first to expand your arsenal. Some of these will degrade and break in time (such as shields and clubs) or be in limited supply (throwing daggers, crossbow arrows).

"Combine that with some seriously challenging level design, such as a taxing climb up to Hilltop Mausoleum dodging mammoth boulders (or blocking them with a shield) and elaborate, oversized boss fights and you can't help but be reminded of Dark Souls," he concluded. "Though Dark Souls was never this irreverent."

MediEvil tells the story of the famed knight Sir Dan Fortesque, a long-dead knight unexpectedly resurrected to once again save Gallowmere from the evil Lord Zarok. But whilst history tells a tale of a brave and noble knight, the truth is a little different from that...

MediEvil will be coming back to life on October 25, 2019.

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