Media Molecule used Dreams to make an entire music video

Dreams creator Media Molecule partnered with Sony Music to create a breathtaking music video for Noah Cyrus' new song July. 

You can watch the video above after a brief intro. It's a trippy time lapse of verdant scenery sprouting up around a stone version of Noah, whose lush hair and silk garments would make even the finest Greek sculptors green with envy. It's an interesting motif for July (the song, not this godforsaken month), and as is always the case with Dreams creations, it's mind-boggling to think it was made entirely within a game maker. 

Media Molecule went into the creation of the video in a PlayStation Blog post (opens in new tab). Art director and studio co-founder Kareem Ettouney explains that the team only settled on July after "listening to loads of songs from potential collaborators, searching for the right match." 

"What was clear by the end of the song is that this wasn’t a story of liberation or enlightenment, it’s about exploring internal conflict, and we loved how brave it is to explore these emotions without promising a fluffy conclusion," Ettouney says. "So, we decided to take the audience on a visual journey that mimics the experience we had with the music."

"We imagined Noah as a marble statue sculpted in wonderful detail laying on a plinth in a lonely cold gallery space," he continues. "From there, organic elements like mountains and forests would flow from her, as visual emotions, and over the course of the video we would gradually pull away from her until she disappeared in a colourful cosmos of gaseous clouds." 

Thanks to Dreams, the Halo Infinite reveal is now playable on PlayStation (opens in new tab), sort of. 

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