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    Submitted by Manon Chevrier

Max Payne Cheats

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlimited Bullet Time

    Press Start to pause game and press L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, X, X, Triangle

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    During gameplay pause and press L1, L1, L2, L2, R1, R1, R2, R2

    Triangle, Circle, X, Square. Need to reenable code after auto saves

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlimited Ammo

    During gameplay pause and press L1, L2, R1, R2, triangle, Square, X, Circle

  • PS2 | Submitted by Leslie

    8 Pain Killer Pills

    Press Start to pause game and press L1, L2, R1, R2, triangle, Circle, X, Square.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Sounds in Slow Motion

    Press Start to pause game and press L1, L2, R1, R2, Triangle, Square, X, Circle

  • PS2 | Submitted by Strife9MM

    All Weapons & Full Ammo

    During gameplay pause and press L1, L2, R1, R2, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, X, SQUARE

    NOTE: invulnerability doesn't always stay on watch your health after an auto save this can get you killed

  • PC | Submitted by The12DeadKnights

    Go Through Doors

    Start maxpayne with maxpayne.exe -developer
    then press F12 to bring down the console.
    Type in noclip
    Then go Trough doors, if not works try trowing yourself trough them....
    To go normal again type noclip_off

  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Infinite Bullet Time


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Dual Ingram


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Dual Berettas


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Dual Berettas


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Ghost Mode off


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Baseball Bat


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Set Wounded State


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Set Normal State


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Show Framerate


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • Xbox | Submitted by Fentaz

    Killing Spree

    To have a huge killing spree with infinite enemies start a tutorial and walk it through to were the enemy dispenser is, kill the first lot and go get the medicine in the subway. Get the sniper rifle in the van, kill the blokes who come from the alley. Now the enemy dispenser is working again. Activate the invulnerability, all guns + ammo and infinite bullet time cheats and you are set to kill! once you kill each round just re-dispense for repeated killing!

  • Xbox | Submitted by sean

    Hidden Area

    In training mode you go down to the end of the level. Where there are police cars. Jump up on the boxes, then to the fan, then to the fire escape. Clime it to the top and shoot the window out. Then jump inside. It will say you found a hidden area.

  • Xbox | Submitted by doo doo

    Secret Room

    Go to tutorial, complete it, then jump on the white van to jump on the radiator on the wall which will enable you to jump on the steel staircase. Follow it up to the top, break the window, go in and you can get some goodies.

  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Molotov Cocktail


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Colt Commando


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Pump Shotgun


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Dual Ingram


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Sawed Off Shotgun


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Desert Eagle


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X



  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Ghost Mode


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Infinite Ammo


  • PC | Submitted by DarkAngel

    View all models

    Instead of -developer use -developerkeys and in the game use F11 to bring up statistics and PGUP and PGDOWN to change character model. You can select everyone in the game, but you can't use F12 to use normal cheats. This is for fun only

  • PC | Submitted by WebMaster (BIG-X)

    All Level's

    Start the game whit -Developers , now press F11 OR F12 to bring the console in the window bar , and type some codes Below:

    GetGranadeUn - Get granade ,unlimited AMMO
    AllWeaponUn - Get All Weapon's,Unlimited AMMO

  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Sniper Rifle


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Increase Health


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Add Health

    c_addhealth (100)

  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    All Weapons


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    God Mode on


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    God Mode off


  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    Enable Cheat Mode

    To get access to the game console, you need to start maxpayne.exe with the command line parameter "-developer".
    Once you have the game running in developer mode, you get access to the game console with F12.

  • PC | Submitted by Raven-X

    All Weapons, Invincibility, Health, Ammo


  • Xbox | Submitted by BloodLust

    Secret Level

    After you beat D.O.D (Dead On Arrival) you get to go to The Secret Level which you have about 50 or so Dudes coming at you, this level runs in slow mode but you can still use the Super slow as even though is already slow you will definitely need it if you want to win! 1st p/up all the ammo as you go forth then to the right more hard dudes coming your way (more than on the left so is much more fun) pace from side to side and run around the square things as they come from both directions, it's absolutely insane this level but quite a piss weak ending as all it says is WELL DONE so anyway ensure to remember going from side to side is very effective and you really have to use Suuuper Sloooow Mode!!!
    P.S If you keep going towards the other end you'll see a pic of the crew (who made the game I think?) and a bit further the logo spinning and that's it folks enjoy this brutal slaughter it's quite hard

  • Xbox | Submitted by Gamefinatic76

    Floating Shells

    This is more of a fun thing to do than a code. During game play get out a fast firing weapon (perfered) or any gun that shoots. Then shot it rapidly so that the shells are in the air while they are still in the air pause the game and select save. Then either get killed or quit the game. When you select to go back to the point where you saved the game last the shells will be floating in mid air!

  • Xbox | Submitted by craig pamment

    Secret Area on Parking Level

    On the parking level jump on the barrels near the entrance to the parking lot to gain access to the roof and there will be a hut and if you shoot the door open and inside you will find a vent on the floor stand on it and you will fall through and find a dead guy and some sniper ammo.

Max Payne Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock All Levels

    play through subway A1 then return to the main menu and enter the following button combination


    this will open all levels

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Get Bonus Level 'Last Challenge'

    Finish the game using the dead on arrival difficulty setting

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    New difficulty settings

    Finish the game using the Fugitive difficulty to get 'Dead on Arrival' difficulty

Max Payne Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Take Screenshots

    To take screenshots in the game you have to type in "-screenshot" as the command line parameter (C:\Max Payne\maxPayne.exe -screenshot). Then when you are playing press F10 to take a screenshot.

  • PC | Submitted by micheal

    Secret Place

    When you fight with the first boss, before you walk down one man will come up with the shotgun; after you shot him you look behind the aintera next to the door ,you jump across to the buildings next to the aintera you will see a door open it and you will see a lot of guns.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Robert

    How to Have A Lot of Clips Everywhere

    When u get rid of some bullets u can have a lot of clips on the floor. What u do is that if u see a tv, sink, etc then get rid of bullets, then u go over 2 it, then u reload. Right when u are going to about 2 reload do the action that u want 2 do, then u keep doing it over & over & over until u want 2 quit.

  • PS2 | Submitted by chaseray692003

    How to Beat Last Level

    When it starts you out down the stairs run up them like you are suposed to do. then when you get out the door look right and shoot the cable. once you shoot it it will focus on the tower and show it swaying. shoot all the guys that come out. after that go to the gate that they came out of. get your sniper rifle. shoot the other cable. once you do that you will need to hury up and get your grenade launcher out and shoot the tower with it. it will show it fall on the hellicopter.

  • PS2 | Submitted by TrisTheAstute

    Secret Room- Part 3 Chapter 5

    Towards the end of the "PROVIDING A SERVICE" level, you'll will come into Alfred Woden's office with Asier Corporation bluprints on his desk. Go through the next room. DO NOT GET CLOSE TO THE DOOR AS THIS WILL END THE LEVEL!! In stead go over to the picture behind the desk. Shoot it. There will be a button behind it. Examine the button. The couch on the opposite wall will lift up, revealing an underground passage to Alfred Woden's secret lounge! Hint: Turn on the TV.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chad

    Max the drummer

    When your in the level with the hotel near the end you will see a drum set and two microphones, and a guitar lying on the ground you can jump behind the drums and hit the "A" button, then go up to the two mikes and hit the "A" button and he will say "karaoke isn't my thing" Or you can jump on the guitar and it will make a little squeal.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beating the game at the end

    This isn't a code. If you are stuck like i was at the end of the game when you are facing the helicopter, then this is what you do. First go outside. Then shoot the wire off of the things that extend out on the corners. You only have to take off two wires. If there isn't a wire, then don't bother shooting at it. Once you have the wires off, shoot with a gun (i used the commando) at the large thing in the middle. Once you shoot it a couple of times, then a cut scene appears and it falls on the helicopter. After that, the game is over.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Beating the game

    Instead of doing what the guy said before in his way use the sniper rifle to shoot the cords which make the tower in the middle weak and then use the grenade launcher to shoot the tower. Which makes it fall over on the helicopter.You must do this before the helicopter piliot gets to zero on his countdown in which if you don't you wil have to repeat the part of the level again.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The Blood Flood

    When you are stuck on part 2,and you're up to the part where you have to walk on the blood, here is a tip: In the beginning of the blood walk just a little. You might see a little blood, try and jump and that blood then follow that path, and you are almost at the end of the blood line

  • PC | Submitted by AX-Man

    Secret Room

    On the level with the parking lot there is a aircon vent. jump on it and a shed will appear.
    Shoot the off-color panel and jump down. Shoot a panel of metal and you will fall down. Inside you will sea a dead guy, some sniper ammo and sniper and a radio to listen to the produces.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Ron

    Hidden Room -Part 2 Chapter 2

    On the first crane you come to, the cab door is open. Jump from the top of the door to the top of the cab. Then carefully jump onto the crane arm and walk up it to about the mid point. There are some large crates to the left of the arm. Align your sight with the left side of the crates and, after brandishing a gun, shootdodge forward. Max should land safely on the concrete ledge. On the left end is a room with grenades and some ammo. Be sure to utilize the crate along the ledge when jumping down.

  • PS2 | Submitted by # MAX PAYNE

    Secret Room In Training Level

    What you do is get the first part of the training level done and you will come to this long street there is this van and these fire stairs, you pump on the van and jump on this fan and jump on these fire stairs and climb all the way to the top and you will come to a window break that window and go in and there is some pain killers on the wall and some uzi ammo.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    The Devil Level

    If your stuck on the first or second level were you have to walk on the lines of blood heres how you beat it, if your on the first level of the blood lines then if you look to your left at just the right angle you can see another door, walk acroos to that side to get tto that door and then the rest is just the halls. If your on the second blood line level the time slows alot mor annd you have to keep jumping till your at the bottom level of blood lines. walk the opposte direction of the door you walked into the bllood line area in and you should find a big circle of candles. just jump onto the crib on press "a". then your at the next part and outta the blood line level.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jeremy Cooper

    New Levels

    You beat the game on fugitive. Then it tells you that you get New York minute or dead on arrival. Which both are pretty hard.

  • Xbox | Submitted by SCORPION

    Make the Cops Mad

    This is not really a code, but it is something fun to do. When your at Lupino's hotel when you walk along the ridge to the room where Max says, "I don't want to know what happened here it was not pretty sight" get all the crap in the room then go walk on the ridge and get a gun (personally I use the Desert Eagle) and shoot the cop car when it comes and the NYPD in the car get so angry that they honk at you!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Crazybotter

    Ingram Fun

    This code is mainly for people who want to mess around on the tutorial, But first you need to follow the tutorial up until you pick up a sniper rifle from the second van, get on top of the van and jump to the fan on the wall beside it, from there you can jump to the staircase and go up all of the flights, there you break the window and jump inside, inside you can find an Ingram and lots of ammo, from there, Just have fun with it!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Home Slice

    Gangster Rats

    Ok this is not a cheat but it is really funny. When you are in Rosco Street Station go through the level like you normally would until you get to the old part of the station. There should be a hole in the wall across from where you start throw a grenade in the hole. Then keep going threw the level until you reach the platform were three guys should be. Kill them and go up the ramp and there will be rats on the ground go stand by the brick wall in the center of the room and stay there for a few seconds the rats should pull out guns and start attacking you. And when you kill them they die in slow motion it is very funny.

Max Payne Glitches

  • PC | Submitted by Nasir

    Unlimited Clips (Glitch)

    You can do the glitch with the dual Ingrams and Berettas! Just reload the weapon and as soon as the clips are in the air jump. You'll land and be able to reload once more, this has no advantage whatsoever to the game but it's worth mentioning! Just looks kind of cool having so many clips on the ground.